Chapter 1: The Introductions

Place: Somewhere in an engineering college in India

"Fuck man! son of a bitch!...#$%*#....."
"Abey Andy....kya hua yaar? chill out dude...thanda rehneka...."
"Don't sprinkle salt on an open wound yaar chaava"
Chaava. His name came from the mumbaiyya word for a handsome guy. Chandrashekhar or Chaava, as he was now known, was a misplaced tamilian who was born & raised in Mumbai and spoke the quintessential Mumbaiyya hindi that we saw in the Munnabhai movies. The only saving grace of his 5ft 3in pencil thin frame was a head of shiny black hair on which he spent 30 minutes every morning trying to set that perfect hairstyle which led to his nickname 'Chaava'.

"Hey Andy..I just head your expletive laden rant and Chandra's standard 'chill dude' dialogue...." Swami said. Swami or Srinath was clearly the nerdiest looking in the gang. He refrained from using nicknames in any form. He was usually the first person to wake up in the hostel every morning (you would have to count out the guys who hadn't gone to sleep of course) and performed his early morning poojas before sunrise. He was also the in-hostel doctor who would dispense medicines from his (rather large) pharmacy when given a list of symptoms. This intricate knowledge of the spiritual and medical gave him the epithet Swami.

"Kya yaar...shuru ho gaye kya tum log...?", Tushar walked in..."btw, i just got screwed...they always want us to write pages & pages, don't they...those..." Incase you haven't figured it out by now, Tushar was the grumpiest of them all. He was super-intelligent, could easily manage an A without any stress on the eve of the exams, but was also super-eccentric. He would go from being very friendly to very hostile within a matter of seconds. His discourses on computer-engineering subjects made him world famous in the college campus. Everyone called him Baba.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!....Guys! I managed to clear 'Machine design'...woo hoo..." Amar was the tallest and heaviest in the gang. Surprisingly, his intimidating frame came with the most friendly of natures. It would bode well to mention here that Amar was not the brightest bulb in the showroom. Nonetheless, what he lacked in grey matter he tried to make up with hardwork. His frequent use of the word 'Bummer' and its rhyming with Amar is the reason people called him bummer or bum.

"Hey guys....you are all here at main building?..Why did you call me man, Andy? Don't tell me the semester results are out already..." Vineet loved sleeping and the only thing he loved more was his computer. To drag Vineet away from his computer was as impossible as dragging a water buffalo out from water. His trademark beard and wierd obsession for computers was the reason Andy and the others called him Beardo, a combination of beard and wierdo.

Somewhere nearby Andy heard......"Hey Divya! I cant believe it....I got an A in Networking...." It was Kaavya . Kaavya and Andy were in the same class. she was one of those girls who pretended like the A-grade she just got was a miracle and not a consequence of her night-long cramming on the eve of the exam.She vehemently denied being smart and yet, somehow managed an A in every subject in every semester. Every time Andy heard Kaavya talk about her magically obtained grades, he felt a strange combination of jealousy and hatred. She was either a complete show-off who didn't want to admit that real hard work went into getting an A or was just plain lucky, which of these was true? Andy could never tell

Andy looked around him. Ananthakrishnan was shortened to Anty which had over time morphed to Andy. Everyone in college - from seniors to the girls seemed to know of him, for reasons he could never really understand. He had no idea what he was doing in engineering school, but he knew he loved being a part of the gang and hanging out with Chaava, Swami, Beardo and the others. Why were they all out together at this time of the night and more importantly why was he cursing at his results?.......

Disclaimer: All Characters in this story are purely fictional and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.
Note: I am still looking for a title...I will appreciate any inputs I can get


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